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We are here to make a difference - to help another person up - to help them become more, do more, contribute more. Dream Connections helps couples connect and those relationships help each other accomplish their missions in life. Abundance International is a direct means for teaching micro-entrepreneurship so people in developing nations have the tools and resources to create abundance for themselves, their families, and their communities. I had worked at Paramount Pictures Studio lot and may return one day to make films that make an impact. In addition to these endeavors, I am creating my legacy in my family and I extend that further through the books I write. How can we help each other?

Please feel free to contact me directly at or on mobile at (714) 681-2681.


Explore my professional history and get to know the companies I worked at and the roles and responsibilities I've been assigned.

2010 - Current

Co-Founder / Author

Dream Connections International, Inc.

2006 - Current


Abundance Int'l

2012 - 2015


True North Pictures, LLC

2004 - 2009

Game Show Development

TimePlay, Inc

1997 - 1998

National Software Sales Director

InfoMediate, Inc

1994 - 1997

Western US Sales Director

Real Brick Products, Inc

1985 - 1994

Sales Rep or Sales Mgr

Commerce Printing

Co-Founder / Author

Dream Connections International, Inc.

Dream Connections has become a thought leader in multi-national marriage relationships. Mark and his wife, Anna, met in Ukraine in December of 2006 and have since worked to help genuine people meet and marry from different countries.

Since publishing the book "Mastering the Adventure of International Dating" in 2008, Mark & Anna Davis have appeared on The TODAY Show with Matt Lauer, Dr. Phil Show, a WeTV cable special, and more than 50 radio interviews.

Mark is now working on a book and seminar series to teach what they've learned about successful relationships. Multi-national marriages have half the divorce rates of domestic marriages and Mark & Anna know why. More on that coming in 2015!


Abundance Int'l

Enhancing quality of life in developing nations through micro-entrepreneurship.


True North Pictures, LLC

True North Pictures was founded for the purpose of creating "A" level quality cinema feature films that give a message of hope. These films are designed to be captivating and acceptable for family viewing.

We are excited to have an opportunity to work with the producers of "Soul Surfer" to launch a slate of new films that will take Hollywood by storm and send a clear message that quality wholesome films can also be the most profitable.

True North Pictures, LLC was formed to provide funding and production for movies that can inspire and change lives.

Game Show Development

TimePlay, Inc


Game Show Development R&D and Business Development

Summary: TimePlay owns patents for interactive movie theater devices.

My Role: I took a on a contract with TimePlay to become their Game Show Developer. I created the full business plan for operating a bingo-based game show called CineBingo that is still in operation today in the UK. Development of this concept included full focus group test study and online survey research.

Conclusion: This was an imaginative project. I worked with some of the best people from video gaming, technology, film industry, and the like. The in-theater focus group testing and other experiences added a wealth of knowledge.

National Software Sales Director

InfoMediate, Inc

Summary: InfoMediate was an early Silicon Valley `push technology' company in the
dot-com era.

My Role: I was responsible for contacting and presenting their communication
software to Fortune 500 Companies.

Conclusion: Being in Silicon Valley in the late 90's was a rush. I gained valuable
insights into the technology industry, venture capital and angel funding, and software

Western US Sales Director

Real Brick Products, Inc

Summary: This was a niche company that specialized in creating themed
environments for retail. The New York, NY Hotel Casino and Sega GameWorks were
notable projects.

My Role: I was responsible for architectural presentations, box lunch presentations,
architectural consultations, and construction site review of the installation of
products. My territory was the 9-western states.

Conclusion: I earned bonuses for performance. The new skill sets included broader
territorial management, architectural design, and learning to be tough in construction
zones when products were not being installed correctly. Jon Snoddy was in charge of
GameWorks at the time.

Commercial Collateral Printing Sales

Sales Rep or Sales Mgr

Commerce Printing

Summary: Over the course of this decade I represented commercial printing shops and eventually became sales manager.
My Role: My first boss told me, "There's the door. Go bring us business that's not coming in right now." I was responsible for prospecting, presenting, complete job bidding, closing deals, gathering art, writing up printing orders, taking proofs to clients for sign-off, and also engaged in collections when needed. My early clients were graphic design agencies who produced collateral marketing materials for AMD, Apple, Memorex, and many other Silicon Valley firms. Later, I moved to Sacramento and grew into sales management of the team at Commerce Printing.


See where I spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for my professional life.

Honorary Doctorate of Divinity

Biblical Studies Seminary

2012 - 2014 I was honored to receive this for the years of work I've done in the area of marriage and relationship studies, the live counseling sessions, and the published work I've done in the area of Christian relationships with couples from different nationalities.

San Diego Christian College


1980 - 1982 At the time I attended the university was called "Christian Heritage College" and was run by Dr. David Jeremiah and founded by Dr. Tim LaHaye. In addition to studying business, I wrote for the school paper and served as the university student spokesman for the fundraising events.

Certified Christian Counselor

United National Church

2014 - Current Certification from UNC's Pastoral Charge, Shawn Abraham and Board of Trustees Director, Daniel E. Roberts.


A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills I possess. My tricks of the trade and what I can bring to the table.

Public Speaking

Video Production

Strategic Planning



Small Business

Marketing Strategy


Marketing Communications

Business Development

Strategic Partnerships

Creative Writing

Event Management


Hear what some of my clients and colleagues have to say about me after working together on various projects throughout my career.

Stephanie Frank

Two time best selling author. I write and speak on topics that help people master their life.

This man is abundance PLUS! I've spent time with Mark in both a business and social setting, and he is nothing less than brilliant!

This is a man who will inspire you to take action in new and different ways, who will listen intently and help you get past obstacles and into new territory fast.

He has an amazing quick mind and a witty personality. A wonderful person to work with.

Stephanie Frank
President, Success IQ University


Get in touch with me if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello.

Las Vegas, Nevada Area

(714) 681-2681

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